Thursday, November 8, 2012

In awe..

We are finally able to announce that we are Carolina's family! We are thrilled to be bringing this sweet girl home to be loved, receive an education, receive therapy, and all the other things she is missing out on by living in an orphanage. This is an exciting day for us, though it marks the beginning of a TON of paperwork...but we are up to the challenge! She is absolutely worth it.

This day would not be possible without the support of some very special anonymous donors who helped us raise the funds we needed to get started. We are forever grateful for those wonderful people who look for ways to help others. It's a very humbling experience to have to fundraise, but I know that God is in control and this experience will be for our benefit. I cannot count how many times I prayed to know what we should do and was granted peace. I cried tears of joy and gratitude when I received a large donation just at the point when we thought we would have to release commitment. There are truly angels among us.

To quote Toy Story 3...."And we are eternally grateful."


  1. So happy for Carolina and your family. Looking forward to following your journey.

  2. omg... carolina is been in my heart about year now.for me its like early christmas present to see that carolina family has found her, or late b-day)3.nov i just turn 14:D)present.greetings from estonia:D

    1. Thank you elss for taking an interest in our daughter and in orphan advocacy at such a young age! You are truly inspirational and I hope you enjoy following our journey!

  3. I will! You are my heros! I'd like to be your family 5th child so precious angel Carolina will be sister:)

  4. I have been praying for Carolina and I am so happy to hear that her family has found her! I will continue to pray for you as you ransom this precious child!