Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sweet Girl!

Do you get to celebrate Easter in your facility? I hope so. I hope there is some extra attention, maybe a treat or two, but most of all, I hope you hear the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. I hope you are not saddened by this. I hope you know how much your Lord and Savior loves you. As I prepare to speak in church tomorrow on "What Jesus Christ Thinks of Me," I hope that you feel His love for YOU. That, my dear child, is the greatest gift you could ever receive.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will gather with our extended family and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Of course, there will be plenty of food and and Easter Egg hunt put on by great-grandma too! And while I will bask in the joy of hearing my 4 children sing in church, and see them gathering eggs full of goodies, part of my heart will be with our sweet girl in an orphanage many miles away.

We're coming, precious girl. You are not lost, or forgotten.

Many Easter blessings to all my blog readers. Knowing you're out there, supportive of our efforts, is more comforting and motivating than you will ever know.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving right along!

Today we received our USCIS appointment! We will be headed there next week to do our fingerprints and then it is back to waiting. Once that approval gets here, we will be sending our entire dossier to our little girl's country and we will be waiting for travel dates! We are getting so very close!

We will be starting another auction on Monday, April 1 over at Caring for Carolina  If you or anyone you know would be willing to donate any items, please contact me via email or through the page. We are so close to being funded. I am hoping for a successful auction to help boost us a little closer to our goal.

We are very appreciative of all of your support and prayers. This has been a crazy journey, and it's not over yet. It helps to know there are so many people all over the world who have taken interest in our girl and our story. We feel honored to soon become Carolina's legal parents and to welcome her into our home and family. Every child deserves a family.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I sent out a hefty envelope to USCIS! This means sometime next week (I hope) we will be getting our appointment for our fingerprints. Once those are done, we will be anxiously awaiting our USCIS approval, (aka the Golden Ticket) so we can send our dossier to Carolina's country!
We are incredibly excited to be getting closer to getting our little girl home!

As a reminder, we are still trying to meet our matching grant by Sunday, March 17. We are selling our famous buckeye candies in spring wrappers along with chocolate/peanut butter eggs (also available without peanut butter). Both are available in white or milk chocolate. $10/dozen or $5/half dozen plus $5.50 to ship (up to 2 dozen per box) if you are in the continental United States outside of our local area. Come on over to Caring for Carolina or comment here! Payment can be via PayPal or our FSP. Thank you all for continuing to support us in our journey!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Another day, another prize!

Hello! We are hitting the ground running for our matching grant. Today we have 2 Blessed by Adoption window decals for the first 2 people who donate $10 to our FSP and let me know you did via Facebook or the Contact Me link.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

We have a matching grant!

We have a matching grant! We have until next Sunday, March 17, to raise $300 to meet the match. As our first incentive, we have a set of 5 square play silks over on our fundraising page Caring for Carolina that will go to the first person to donate $25 to our FSP and comment OVER THERE that they did. FSP needs to read $1709 for the match.

We FINALLY got our home study hard copies, so we will be sending those to USCIS in the morning and having the rest of our dossier notarized in the afternoon! It's going to be a big day and things should hopefully move very quickly now! Thank you all for being part of our journey!