Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sweet Girl!

Do you get to celebrate Easter in your facility? I hope so. I hope there is some extra attention, maybe a treat or two, but most of all, I hope you hear the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. I hope you are not saddened by this. I hope you know how much your Lord and Savior loves you. As I prepare to speak in church tomorrow on "What Jesus Christ Thinks of Me," I hope that you feel His love for YOU. That, my dear child, is the greatest gift you could ever receive.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will gather with our extended family and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Of course, there will be plenty of food and and Easter Egg hunt put on by great-grandma too! And while I will bask in the joy of hearing my 4 children sing in church, and see them gathering eggs full of goodies, part of my heart will be with our sweet girl in an orphanage many miles away.

We're coming, precious girl. You are not lost, or forgotten.

Many Easter blessings to all my blog readers. Knowing you're out there, supportive of our efforts, is more comforting and motivating than you will ever know.

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