Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I sent out a hefty envelope to USCIS! This means sometime next week (I hope) we will be getting our appointment for our fingerprints. Once those are done, we will be anxiously awaiting our USCIS approval, (aka the Golden Ticket) so we can send our dossier to Carolina's country!
We are incredibly excited to be getting closer to getting our little girl home!

As a reminder, we are still trying to meet our matching grant by Sunday, March 17. We are selling our famous buckeye candies in spring wrappers along with chocolate/peanut butter eggs (also available without peanut butter). Both are available in white or milk chocolate. $10/dozen or $5/half dozen plus $5.50 to ship (up to 2 dozen per box) if you are in the continental United States outside of our local area. Come on over to Caring for Carolina or comment here! Payment can be via PayPal or our FSP. Thank you all for continuing to support us in our journey!

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