Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shameless advertising!

Did you get an Amazon gift certificate this Christmas season? If so, CLICK HERE to see some amazing year end deals! And the best part, if you go to Amazon through this link, we get a small percentage of the sale for our adoption. You get to buy whatever you want and help Carolina come home without doing anything extra. Now that's a great deal!


  1. Will you keep her name or you gonna change it?

    1. Well, we aren't 100% sure on that. "Carolina" is most certainly not her real name. It may be the English translation or it may be a pseudonym. Eastern Europe doesn't divulge many details about orphans before travel.
      Often, Eastern European orphans are assigned names by their orphanage. Since she has been transferred a few times, her name may have changed as well. So, we will see what we can find out in country. We are hoping to keep her birth name, whatever that may be, or whatever name she identifies with as her first name.