Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Amazing Endeavor...

Hello blog followers! I would like to share with you a wonderful project that we are blessed to be a part of. It is called Forty Days to Forever. Some passionate adoption advocates have spent the last several months working on a fundraising project for the season of Lent.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, "Michelle, you're not Catholic!" No, I am not, but the Lenten season is a time when I try extra hard to turn my thoughts toward Christ and remember His ministry. It is a time of reflection and awe as I think of the Savior's mortal ministry and his boundless charity. It is a time where I refocus my efforts to live as He lived and to love as He loved while on this earth. I know that goal is one I will never attain, yet I will strive for it as an offering to the One who bore all things for me. The season of Lent and Easter are not as busy or as commercialized as Christmas has become (or maybe I just tune those things out easier) and I am better able to be introspective. And so I am honored to have our family included in the Forty Days to Forever during Lent and I know it will make the season all the more holy and special for me.

O.k. but what is it? Well, it's part fundraising, part advocacy, part prayer ministry, part humanitarian aid, and part Giveaway!  You can click HERE or on the logo at right to visit the Forty Days to Forever site. Please read the two "Save a Life" posts on the front page and take some time to "meet" the families and children and see if perhaps, you would like to join us. During the entire Lenten season, there is a goal to have at least one person praying from 6am to 10pm Eastern for the children and families and the cause of orphans. You can help by just signing up for one 15 minute interval of prayer, either one time, or recurring throughout the season. Prayer works. Next, we have the fundraising part. Each day throughout Lent, one family or waiting child will be featured and donations will be taken for them. And EACH DAY there will be a giveaway prize! That's forty separate prizes....exciting! During the endeavor, the goal is to raise $400 per family/waiting child. Part of the money raised each day will go to a little girl named Lina who is in dire condition, languishing and starving to death after being moved from the hospital to an orphanage. Her pictures will break your heart.

Is it a lofty endeavor? Yes! But it is not impossible, especially with the wonderful prayer warriors and advocates helping to spread the word.

I am very excited to say that the day our family and Carolina will be featured is.....February 14th! Valentine's Day! I feel this is very appropriate for us this year as part of our hearts, full of so much love, are across the ocean with our little girl.

I hope you will all check out the Forty Days to Forever project and follow along with us. If any of you find yourselves wishing to participate in any way, I pray you will do so. Together, we will help 19 children be united with their forever families and 21 children increase their grants...and 1 very special, very sick little girl. Please, follow, participate, pray and SHARE! There's room for everyone on this journey.

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