Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello everyone! First off, I must announce that sweet Vytas has a family coming for him! YAY!!! So thrilled for him and his future family!

I am still praying for Frank to find his family, but with a $12,000 grant, perhaps someone will see him and take the leap. He isn't in danger of aging out yet, but is far from a baby or toddler....this is one of the hardest age ranges to place. But I am confident that there is a family out there somewhere who is just right for this great young man.

And a little update on our progress....Yesterday, we received our letter from USCIS. We are APPROVED! That was our final document for our dossier, so we will be going down tomorrow morning for our county authentications and possibly heading over for apostilles.

We are having a garage sale this weekend at a friend's house. It is the first official "garage sale weekend" for one of the local towns, so we are hoping that the bargain hunters are out in full force. The kids are selling baked goods and possibly snow cones at the sale as well. They are very excited about that.

I have been humbled and completely amazed at all the donations people have brought by for the sale. We have something for everyone. I have no idea how much we will make, but I do know that we have amazing family and friends. Our church family has been extraordinary in all of this. We are blessed to have one other family with adopted special needs children and the entire congregation has fallen in love with them. They are sweet kids and they are absolutely thriving. Everyone is excited to meet our Carolina and watch her blossom and grow. For that, I am eternally grateful. I could not ask for kinder, more Christ-like people in our lives. We are blessed beyond measure.