Thursday, May 30, 2013

While We Wait...

Hello again blog followers! Today we got word that our dossier has been submitted in Carolina's country. We had to wait an extra week due to the back up from local holidays. We are thrilled to know that part is done, but we are growing impatient as it appears travel will not be until July or August. That is very disheartening as it means I will miss M's first day of kindergarten. As a mom, that is a hard thing. I spoke to her today, and asked if she would like Grandma to take her or start late and have me take her. She didn't hesitate. "Grandma!" she said. Yes, my little girl is not so little anymore and she is ready to rush off to school. I am relieved to know that she will be happy and excited for school, even if I am not home yet. And in the eternal scheme of things, there are SO MANY worse things than missing the first day of kindergarten. I'll have many more days this year to make up for it!

The only upside to such a long wait, is that now we have time for more fundraising, and hopefully, for tickets to go down in price. Hey, I can dream.

A lovely friend has put together an auction for us HERE  The bidding will begin at midnight Pacific time on June 1st and run until midnight Pacific time on June 10th.  There are some lovely items in this auction. I am very excited about it!

If any of my followers would be willing to re-blog about our auction and need, and/or share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, I would be most grateful. Please also remember us and our sweet girl in your prayers. We are so close. So very close to meeting our girl and bringing her home forever. Thank you all for following our journey. It's wonderful to know that people care and are cheering us on and lifting us up throughout this process.  

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