Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good News!

O.k. now that I have everyone's hopes up, sorry, we do not have our travel dates yet. HOWEVER, we did find out that we cleared Interpol....meaning we are not international criminals. We are waiting for the appointment scheduling person to issue us a date, which is likely to be the end of July or beginning of August. While I hate that it is taking so long, I am thankful for the extra time to prepare and to hopefully raise the needed funds for our airfare.

We are, as of today. trying to raise $3900. That is a huge number, but in the scheme of an adoption, it is very doable. We have had a very sweet lady set up an auction for us HERE  If you could help by bidding, we would be thrilled. But if you can't bid, we still need prayers. Always we need prayers. Also, if anyone reading would be willing to share our need on their blogs or social media sites, we would be most grateful. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for following our story, praying, sharing, encouraging and putting up with my rants and rambles.

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