Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I know I am a terrible blogger. I do not have any updates on Carolina, and I know that is what most people want. I hope to be able to blog about our trip while I am there.

Here at at home, things are chaotic as we prepare to travel, but I am enjoying these last few days with the kids before I leave. M is very excited for her new sister, but says she will really miss Mommy.  E is excited to be staying with Grandma, but she says, "I will talk to you on my pink cell phone. But I need minutes!" Have I mentioned E is not quite 3? And the pink cell phone is a TOY, but she is certain it would work if I bought some minutes for it. I am going to miss that sweet, spunky red head.  R is excited to go back to public school, and is thrilled to be staying with Grandma and Grandpa. A is pretty happy and relaxed about all of this. Not much really worries A.

Ammon and I are beyond excited to finally meet our new daughter and, God willing, be named her parents. We feel incredibly humbled and blessed by all those who have prayed for us, donated to us, guided us along the process, shared experiences of their adoptions, shared with us about raising post-institutionalized children, and all those who have encouraged us along the way. I tried counting up all the people who have helped us along, so I could recognize them here. That post may come later, but for now, there are too many to name without leaving out many. We will never know many of the people who have helped us, as they asked to remain anonymous. God knows who you are though, and I pray He blesses you for your generosity and humility. I am very emotional as we embark on this stage of the journey. This has been a humbling and amazing experience so far. I wish there were words to express the depths of my gratitude, but "Thank You," is all I can say.


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