Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Plea for a Little Girl

Today the Reece's Rainbow community is again coming together for a blogging blitz. This time, on behalf of a sweet, adorable little girl named, Carolina. 

This precious child is six years old. She should be learning to ride a bike, going on family outings to the park, watching fireworks, going to drive-in movies (yes, we still have one of those close-by and it's ideal for taking kids to see a first-run movie).  Carolina should be getting ready to start first grade this month. She should be picking out a backpack and lunch box and cool printed folders for her first year of "all-day" school. She should have a Mama who is excited for her as she is growing up into such a big and wonderful girl......

But Carolina's life is very different from all that.

Carolina is an orphan in Eastern Europe. As if that weren't hard enough, this girl has special needs. Carolina has a relatively mild case of cerebral palsy. While this disease has a wide spectrum of effects, for Carolina, it affects mostly her lower legs.

While living in her previous orphanage, Carolina was a favorite. She was well cared for and loved. But, the years passed and sweet Carolina was not adopted. And so, in 2011 she "aged out" of her baby house. Her orphanage director wanted her to go to a boarding school where she could at least get an education. It seemed that - while not ideal - Carolina had been given the best chance that an orphan with special needs could be given in her country. 

But this was not to be.

The boarding school where Carolina was sent has been closed. As Carolina is deemed "disabled," or "defective" or "delayed" she was sent to the only other option for children of her age who carry a label next to their names. 

Carolina is in a mental institution.

You read that right. And in Eastern Europe, a mental institution is not a place one goes to get psychiatric treatment and then leave. It is a prison. For life. She will never get to go to school. She will not get the AFO's she needs for her legs in order to walk. She will spend her days doing basically nothing. Day in, day out. 


Someone has the courage to take a leap of faith. Carolina needs a Mom and Dad to cross an ocean for her. She needs parents who will go through the tedious process of international adoption, walk into that place and be strong enough to take the broken little girl in there home. She will be behind emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. Her Mom and Dad need to see past that and see the beautiful daughter she is....and help her to see it too. 

Are you Carolina's parents? 

If not, can you help her anyway? Carolina has a matching grant of $1,000. This will be given when her grant fund reaches $4,300.  Right now she has $4,107.75.  She is SO CLOSE! Can you help? 

Every. Single. Dollar. Matters! 
Truly it does. 

Please consider donating and sharing Carolina's listing. Her parents are out there....they just haven't found her yet.

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