Thursday, August 9, 2012

Calling "Search and Rescue"

Two little boys are lost. They are forgotten and alone. Two sweet boys who have relatively minor special needs have been locked away from their society with no one to hear their cries. I am rallying all of the Prayer Warriors and adoption advocates out there to please, please, share the information on these two sweet boys so their mother(s) can find them.

First we have "Everett"

Look at that sweet little face! Everett is a 7 year old boy who deserves to be in school making friends and playing as young boys do. He does not deserve to be in an orphanage. He does not deserve to miss out on education because he has special needs.  Everett has a minor VSD which stands for Ventricular Septal Defect. This is commonly referred to as a "hole in the heart." This condition can resolve on its own, be corrected with surgery, or be left if the hole is not big enough to cause problems. There is no way to know how severe Everette's hole is, but one thing is clear: it is treatable and curable! 
Having spent his life in an institution (3 in fact) he likely has some moderate institutional delays, but this is normal for kids coming from this environment and CAN be overcome. Everett would blossom in a family. Can't you see him as a little brother? Or an older brother? Maybe a sweet only child? I can see so much potential for this little one. All Everett wants is to have a Mama. 
A fellow blogging Mama, Renee, is in country right now and has met little Everett. She posted about the experience here. Please read her account of her visit. Have tissues handy.

But we aren't stopping there! At the same facility waits ANOTHER sweet angel from Reece's Rainbow. Please allow me to introduce you to Olson.

Olson is also 7 years old and has some special needs. From his medical records, it states he had extrophia of the bladder. This is where part of the bladder develops through the wall of the abdomen and is exposed. This condition is quite fixable with surgery and it appears from Renee's post that he has had this corrected as he showed her his scars. She also describes his sweet little lisp which I think sounds adorable! This boy deserves to be playing and enjoying life, not relegated to a life in a facility. He should be in school, not being reminded every day that he is "defective." He is a child. A precious child of God. 

Now my dear Search and Rescue team members, let's share these boys' faces all over the web. Pray, donate, share, whatever you can do. We can ALL do something.  Let's search the world over to find their Mama, so she can rescue them from a life of shame and sadness and bring them into the light of a home and family.

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