Monday, August 13, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday...Kurt

Welcome to my first Teamwork Tuesday post. This is where bloggers from all over the web come together to spread the word on one waiting child. Today, that child is sweet little Kurt.
Kurt is an adorable little boy who has spent his entire life in an Eastern European orphanage with no mother or father to read to him, tuck him in at night, take him to the park or to the zoo.

Why has this sweet boy been dealt this fate? Quite simply because he is labelled as "defective." In his home country, children with disabilities are viewed as burdens. Perhaps his birth mother simply felt she could not afford to care for him? Whatever the reason, this adorable boy with big, brown, puppy dog eyes and dark brown hair is running out of time. You see, Kurt is still residing in what is known as a "baby house." But sometime in the next year, Kurt will be transferred to an older child "internat" at best or at worst, a mental institution. Kurt has mild cerebral palsy. Despite this, he can walk. You can see full-length pictures of Kurt standing and even running here on Daneille's blog.
Sweet little Kurt will blossom in a family where he can receive the therapy needed for his cerebral palsy. This boy has stolen my heart. Please consider donating to his grant fund, sharing his profile on your blog or social networking site, and of course, please consider if Kurt is your son. 
Let's plaster the internet with this boy's photo and help his Mama and Papa find him! 

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