Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh Carolina!


This beautiful little girl is Carolina. She is 6 years old and she has cerebral palsy and mild mental delay. It is unclear whether the delay is from the CP or from being in an orphanage her entire life. She does wear AFO's which are special braces on her ankles that help her legs bear her weight and allow her to walk. Carolina was fortunate to spend her early years in a very good "baby house" orphanage where she was well cared-for and quite loved. But, upon aging out of that baby house, she was sent to a boarding school. Though nothing can take the place of a loving family, at least little Carolina was not wasting away in an institution. It seemed she had more time. Well, time has run out. Carolina's "Guardian Angel" has been informed that the boarding school where she is currently living is being shut down. This means all the children residing there must be transferred elsewhere and, as Carolina has a disability, she has now been sent to an institution. Let me clarify this. The boarding school was not ideal, but it was at least a school. An institution is merely a place to sit and waste away. Sometimes the children are cared for relatively well and sometimes they are left in deplorable conditions, malnourished, and hidden from sight. Life in an Eastern European institution is hardly living. It is merely existing. 
But Carolina can still be rescued! Please consider a donation to her adoption grant
There is currently a very generous donor who has offered to give $1,000 to Carolina's grant when it reaches $4,300
Carolina already has $3793.25 toward the cost of her adoption. If we can get her up to $4300 and get the extra $1000, that is $5300 that her family can use toward the expense of adopting her. What a help that would be!
Carolina is in a region which welcomes large families and older parents. A family would be such a blessing for her, but I have a feeling she will be an even bigger blessing to them. Please share Carolina's information anywhere you can. You never know who will see it and realize they are seeing their daughter. 


  1. We would take her in a heart beat!! I have a special education background and teach Head Start. We were foster parents in the past and would need to raise funds but what would it cost. We do not have a current home study. What is the time frame. We have three biological and two adopted african american boys, the youngest is almost 9 and hte oldest is twenty. thanks Sheryl

    1. Your best bet is to check out the "New Families" section on
      And see if you meet the requirements, then contact them. Home studies vary by state. You can see some rough costs on Reece's Rainbow. Thank you for considering Carolina!

    2. THanks, I have looked! Cart ahead of the horse. I noticed urgent and got excited!! I will be praying for her! As I am sure she will find her forever family before we have a home study. THanks!