Thursday, July 19, 2012

So close!!!

I have a plea for you today. Not for myself, but for a dear friend. Valerie at "From the Trenches" is set to leave next Friday to bring her two sweet boys home from Bulgaria. They have budgeted and saved and managed to do this adoption without fundraising. BUT, they were given travel dates not only in the summer, but during the Olympics! This means prices are abnormally high and though they have exhausted their savings, they are $1500 short. They desperately need this money for their hotel stay, food and medical exams for the boys.

I ask my readers to please visit Valerie's blog and donate what you can. Please share this on your blogs and social networking sites. I know that God can and does work miracles on behalf of those who help His children...but often those miracles are worked through other, average humans like you and me.

Valerie is such a special woman. There really aren't enough good things to say about her. Benjamin and Thomas are so blessed to be part of such a beautiful family. As a thank you for helping get her boys home, Valerie is including the names of all donors on quilts that she has made to hang in the boys' bedroom. She is also offering a drawing for 4 Amazon gift cards and some delicious Bulgarian chocolate to be shipped upon their arrival home. They have come so far. Let's all band together and get them the rest of the way.

This is Valerie last week telling the guests about her new little boys, Benjamin and Thomas.

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