Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Ryan!

Please allow me to introduce you to Ryan. Isn't he adorable? This strikingly cute boy is only 21 months old. What a great age to come into a family!  Ryan has Down Syndrome and as a result, he has a heart condition for which he has had surgery. His description says he is doing well post-surgery.
 Little Ryan has the most beautiful eyes. Imagine the feeling in his Mama's heart when he looks at her with those big, bright, blue eyes. This little guy will melt hearts everywhere. He needs a Mama to scoop him up, nuzzle that soft blonde baby hair, and kiss those adorable cheeks. Ryan looks to be only slightly smaller than my own 23 month old (and this picture could be a few months old). This is a great sign that he has been well cared for....though only a family can give him the kind of love and attention he needs and deserves. Could Ryan be your boy? 
You can help Ryan by clicking on his name and donating to his adoption grant. You can also share Ryan's photolisting on your own blog or social networking page. Help Ryan's Mama and Papa find him! And of course, if you are considering adoption, please consider whether Ryan is your child.

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