Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say what?!

I know, the title sounds snarky, but this is exactly what my husband said when I read him the descriptions of Jude and Beckett.

Sweet Jude turned 8 in April. Is he handsome or what! Look at that gorgeous smile!

 Jude is described as "active, cheerful, friendly and inquisitive." So why on earth is Jude an orphan? Because he has hearing loss in both ears. Yes, you read that right. It is unclear how much hearing Jude has or whether he is completely deaf, but it is noted that he urgently needs a "hearing apparatus." This may be a cochlear implant or something else, but it certainly does NOT mean that Jude cannot live a healthy, happy, exciting childhood! Jude only has $28 in his adoption grant. He is a male, he is over 5, he is disabled but not something that is visible. All too often it is easy to forget that though Jude can get around and has no noted mental delays, he will not be given the care and therapies he needs in order to be successful in his home country. He will be locked away forever simply because he cannot hear. I have stated here before that it is hard to imagine life through the eyes of another culture, but this is Jude's reality.

Say it with me now, "Say what?!"

Now for adorable little Beckett.  This handsome, bright-eyed boy is 3 years old and considered "calm." It is also noted that he "loves to caress." Sounds like this boy needs time on his Mama's lap reading books and singing songs and getting lots of hugs and kisses.

Beckett is diagnosed with "some vision loss in one eye and some hearing loss in one ear." Yes, that is all that is listed.
 Loud as we can now, "SAY WHAT?!"

It really is hard to wrap our 21's century American minds around this reality. But in countries where there are few treatment options and even fewer people with means to finance them, orphans like Beckett are a common reality.

 Beckett has $139.95 in his adoption grant. Can we get him up to $150? 

Both Beckett and Jude live in regions which require adoptive families to make 3 trips and the expenses are in the 35K-40K range. 

"But how can I help?" 

Good question! I'm glad you asked. You can SHARE these boys' faces on every social media site you use. You can donate to their adoption grants....EVERY PENNY helps. So many families wish to adopt these precious children, but awareness and money are the things that stop them. So click "share" and help Jude and Beckett's families find them. Donate any amount to their adoption grants to help relieve one of the biggest burdens of international adoption. And of course, pray for these little guys. Pray they are uplifted and that their spirits remain strong and unbroken. Pray for their parents to find them and take the leap of faith to bring them home. Prayer is amazing. It works. And it's free. I hope to see these two sweet boys on the My Family Found Me section of Reece's Rainbow very soon. 

~ Michelle

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